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The Progeny

Evie Fairhaven was just trying to get through her sophomore year of high school when her world was turned upside down. Not only did she discover that she possessed special abilities but she learned her parents were not who she always thought they were. Pulled away from her home and friends, Evie is sent to Greece to spend the summer with her immortal parents and their coven. Immersed into the vampire lifestyle, Evie is completely out of her element. Uncomfortable with the cold-blooded immortals, Evie just wants to be sent home. She has no interest in vampires or their world and no matter how glamorous they try to make it look, she cannot be swayed. Against the idea of becoming immortal, her parents force her to develop her supernatural skills in order to gain approval for the transformation. Her abilities make her highly desirable to the vampire world and her parents' coven is not the only one interested in her. An antagonizing prince, a too-cool-for-school mentor and a slew of teenagers in competition for the coveted spots make her ten weeks in Greece an unwelcome challenge. Evie struggles with love, hate, danger and a strict dress-code during her summer vacation in the vampire castle.

The Princess

Evie Fairhaven is still trying to stay alive. Living with immortals has never been so difficult as now, with a vampire prince as her guardian. She wants to become immortal but must first focus on studies and training to gain approval in a world where she has never been fully accepted. Can she live up to the exacting standards set by Prince Cassius as she prepares for her transformation? Can her greatest nemesis become her trusted advisor and help her hunt down her father’s murderer? Old friends, new loves, and the fear of dying a virgin are just some of the factors affecting this seventeen year old in the second book of The Progeny Series.

The Queen

Evie's life has taken a drastic turn. Barely eighteen, she faces a new life in a foreign world. She must learn who she can trust as she navigates the politics of the immortal world. Will modern defeat archaic? Do new alliances supersede old partnerships? Can hopes and dreams overcome shattered hearts? Evie's fight has only just begun. She must now depend on her training and experience to conquer her new life and she may have to do it without those she depends on the most.

About L.M.Guerin

I often wake up after having a bizarre dream and think, "That would make an exciting story." I make notes immediately and see patterns that bring together the beginnings of a great book. When I start writing, I usually have no clue where the book will end. By the time I finish writing, I can't help thinking of everywhere else I want the story to go.

I write for myself, to get the thoughts out of my head. I hope my ideas are welcomed by those who read them.


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